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    Childrens Enamel Cups and Bowl Set with Cats Baby Weaning - Toddler - School

    23 GBP


    GROW ALONG - Enamel Cups and Bowl Set - SPOTTY CATS

    - from Baby Weaning to School

    Age: 6 months + to 6 years
    Gender: non gender specific - suitable for girls and boys
    A great and unusual present for Baby Shower, Dedication, Christening, Birthday or Christmas.

    Set Contains:
    • 1 x baby weaning enamel mug - green - spotty cats
    • 1 x toddler enamel mug - yellow - spotty cats
    • 1 x children's bowl with lid - red - spotty cats

    Read about WHAT, WHY AND HOW:

    Stage One: Baby Weaning to Toddler - Discovering
    Our enamel cups and bowls are made in bold and contrasting colours to attract attention and improve your child's hand to mouth co-ordination
    This tiny baby weaning mug is easy to grip and lift by little hands.
    Our enamel bowl with lid is great for meal times and storing meals in fridge or freezer. Suitable for oven use (without lid).
    The toddler sized cup makes a great holder for cucumber sticks and carrot batons.

    Stage Two: Toddler to School - Independence
    Our shatterproof enamel mugs and bowls encourage your child's independence. From eating to washing up you can allow them to be in charge and put your feet up .....if only :-)
    This toddler sized mug is a fun and useful addition to family mealtimes, doll picnics, garden roaming, camping and outdoor expeditions.
    Our Bowl with Lid makes a handy breakfast bowl, you will be surprised how much you can fit in! Also great for days away.
    ....and now what about the Baby Weaning Mug?......is simply great for espresso! Enjoy x

    All our enamel wares are dishwasher safe but please do not use them in the microwave.