Our Return Policy in short Return Policy

Please contact enamel cottage before returning any items.

If you have a complaint please contact enamel cottage and provide further information and the reason for complaint.

Return Conditions

You can return the product within 14 days of delivery. The product must be in new condition.

Please note that enamel CAN chip. Enamelware is essentially a fused coloured glass glaze coated over metal. Enamel products are non-stick, impervious to bacteria and healthy alternative to plastic dishes.  They are a healthy alternative to plastic, mainly because they are shatter proof compared to pottery or glass, and impervious to bacteria compared to wood.  However, whilst enamelware is shatter proof, it CAN chip if subjected to some force (for example being dropped on a hard surface like a tiled floor or sink).  

Enamel products should not chip in other circumstances such as when subjected to temperature changes (our enamel products are ovenproof and suitable for freezer).  

We do not replace items that have been damaged in use, this would also be the case if the item was ceramic or glass (as such items would be in pieces).  

Transport Damage

If the product is lost or you receive notice that the item has been damaged during transport you should immediately report this to us.

All enquiries: customerservices@enamelcottage.com