Enamel Cottage


SMALTUM creates enamel in vibrant designs and colours which are fun with a drop of nostalgia – and we love that! From stove to table there is a product for every occasion. Smaltum’s cheerful designs will bring pleasure not only to you but also to your friends and will look fantastic around the campfire, garden or kitchen!


SMALTUM PRODUCTS ARE ALSO CHILD FRIENDLY. Little customers are very welcome at SMALTUM. The colourful mugs and bowls are designed to fit little hands too. The cups will grow with your child – from baby weaning and outdoors exploring toddlers to late nigh exams cramming students – there is a mug for every occasion.

High quality finish and a food safety are core values of SMALTUM. All products have been rigorously tested and they confirm to strict European Safety Standards.

We love SMALTUM enamelwares. Their quirky cups, bowls and pots are used by our family every day and we like to think we are enamelware’s greatest fans. However, we know that we are not alone as our lovely customers like to remind us with their kind comments. But don’t take our word for it and read what our customers have to say here.

Smaltum Enamel logo

In fact we are so in love with SMALTUM that we also became their distributor in UK. If you would like to become stockist of SMALTUM enamel wares we would love to hear from you. For wholesale enquiries please contact us.